Main Trampoline Court

Featuring a large area of wall-to-wall trampolines, guests will have no shortage of premium jumping and bouncing opportunities. Slip the bonds of gravity and harness the power of your inner acrobat.


Is there anything better than visiting a trampoline park? YES! Climbing to a tall platform and ziplining across it. The Frontier Trampoline Park ZipILne is custom made for high adventure!

Kids Court

Why should the big kids have all the fun? At Frontier Trampoline Park, we have a full -sized section for the little ones. Offering a wide range of activities for toddlers, and weekly toddler only sessions, we’ve got the perfect activity for our younger guests.

Warped Wall

Can you conquer the Frontier Trampoline Park Warped Wall? Featuring platforms of different heights, this attraction will help bring out the best athlete in all who take up the challenge.

Extreme Dodgeball

At Frontier Trampoline Park, we put a high-octane spin on a classic game. Gather up your teams, pick a side and get ready to bounce, jump, rebound and dodge in this fast-paced version of dodgeball. You’ve never played dodgeball like this!

Climbing Wall

Put your strength and stamina to the test on the Frontier Trampoline Park Climbing wall. Conveniently positioned over a cushy foam pit, this wall is the best place to hone your climbing skills.


Channel your inner stuntman or stuntwoman on the Frontier Trampoline Park Airbag! Industrial sized and filled with air for endless safe-landings, guests simply select platform or trampoline and practice your best stunts!


Do you have what it takes to handle the gladiator style dualing action of the Battelbeam? Challenge your friends – or whoever is next up and do your best to knock-off the competition like a champion!

High Nine

Whether challenging your friends or challenging your own highest scores, the High Nine will test your speed and your reaction time over and over again. Jump on the trampolines and try to follow the lights. Hit as many lights as you can before they move…if you can.

Foam Pit

Getting big air requires safe soft-landings and at Frontier Trampoline Park, our giant Foam Pit is ready and waiting to catch your next landing. Our foam pit is constantly cleaned and well maintained to provide all our guests the safest landings available.

Walk On Wall

Fly high and execute all the tricks you can conjure up on this high-octane Frontier Trampoline Park attraction. Featuring trampolines and padded walls, the Walk-On-Wall is ready and waiting to help you create your next mid-air masterpiece

Wipe Out

Don’t let the padded arms and spinning wheel fool you, the Frontier Trampoline Park Wipe Out can challenge the fastest of jumpers. Use the trampolines and time your jumps or the Wipe Out will win!


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