So…how long does it take to build a Trampoline Park?

Well…it works out that in this case at least, the answer is “nearly 4 years”.

Frontier Trampoline Park, like most things, didn’t just “happen” overnight. What started as an interesting idea quickly became a labor of love that would take nearly four years to bring to fruition.

While there would be many moments along the way where everyone stopped in their tracks and asked themselves:

“What the #$!@#)(* are we thinking?”

the journey would ultimately serve to not only strengthen the bonds between the park founders, but also create an even deeper love of their community.

There was little doubt that the project that they had started was not only something that they each believed in completely, but also something that they felt the Cheyenne community would love and most importantly, something that the families in Cheyenne would fully embrace.

The driving forces behind Frontier Trampoline Park are Wyatt and Ashley Bodray and Kat Jaber. These folks have been long-time friends for many years and as such, their respective families have spent a lot of their recreational time together over the years. All are are long-time Wyoming residents who absolutely love living in Cheyenne, and love being part of the local community.

The genesis of their trampoline park began several years ago when the two group found themselves looking for new activities and experiences for their children.

Frequently, they would travel the 45 minutes to Fort Collins to a trampoline park so that all the children could exhaust themselves in a safe and fun environment. It was one of these occasions that proved to be the nascent beginnings of Frontier Trampoline Park.

On this particular occasion, the group had visited the Fort Collins park and had recognized no fewer than ten people from Cheyenne enjoying the trampoline park that day.

From that moment – and for many moments beyond that, we found ourselves playing the “what-if” game with each other. Shortly thereafter, we developed the brilliant idea of bringing this type of amazing experience to Cheyenne.

From that point forward, the group spent years planning and overcoming obstacles to travel the distance from early drawings on restaurant napkins and scratch pads to the 25,000 Square Foot entertainment center that is Frontier Trampoline Park.

“Frontier Trampoline Park was truly a labor of love and dedication, on all of our parts, and we couldn’t be happier to bring our dream to this amazing Cheyenne community. We’re looking forward to many, many years of friendship and camaraderie with this thriving business community”

Wyatt Bodray and Ashley Hodge own a successful real estate investment company in Cheyenne. They have two young boys and love spending time together outdoors and working on new projects.
Kat Jaber works for the State of Wyoming in the elected State Auditor’s office as a System Administrator in the payroll division,and enjoys spending time with her children and traveling

Building A Trampoline Park

In case you were wondering how this all came to be…check out this video of our Journey from empty building to 25,000 sure feet of amazingness!!