Food And Snacks

Jumping, bouncing and dominating on the dodgeball court is hungry business. When hunger strikes, head on over to our snack bar to refuel!

Hot Dog


Mini Corn Dogs


Pretzel Plain




Pepperoni Pizza 16``


Pizza By The Slice


Frontier Combo Special

Two Slices of Pizza and 1 Drink


Chicken Nuggets


Cheese Sticks


Pretzel / Cheese


Cheese Pizza 16``


Sausage Pizza 16``





The only thing better than mastering the trampoline court is quenching your thirst with an ice cold water, soda or energy drink.

Fountain Soda (regular)




Smartwater 20oz


Smartwater 1 Liter




Monster / Reign


Dasani 20oz


Dasani 1 Liter


Please note: Food and drinks should be consumed in designated areas only. No food or drinks are allowed in play areas. Outside food and beverages are not allowed.